Best 41 Attractions for Train Trip Around Taiwan

To traveling around Taiwan, in addition to leisurely driving, riding a motorcycle, there is also a most convenient way to travel around the island that is the train! So, I’m going to show you traveling to Taiwan by train.

The Benefits of Train Around Taiwan Trip

Although taking a train around Taiwan is not as flexible as the self-driving roundabout. It’s still the majority method for most people because you don’t need sitting & riding for a long time. But, you have to strictly observe the train time and even get up early to take the train.

On the surface, your trip is blocked by the train schedule. Fortunately, you are in Taiwan. You don’t need to take the train for too long, and you can save the boredom and exhaustion caused by prolonged driving.

The most significant advantage is that you don’t have to worry about traffic jams. But, unfortunately, every weekend in Taiwan, there will be traffic jams in many popular attractions.

Basically, in several major cities and towns in Taiwan, you only need to be easily reached by train. There are only a few attractions you need to rent a car to get there, but it’s OK to still easy.

Train Trip Around Taiwan Attractions List

Taiwan Map attractions

It is also a great thing to complete the round-the-island tour through the train station. Many Taiwanese have not done this yet. You must try it. Next to this list of attractions, I will list the easy-to-reach interests that are available to friends who want to travel around Taiwan:

Taipei City

Let’s start with Taipei:

Basically, because the metropolitan area of Taipei City is a metropolis, it is actually nothing special for a train trip. If you want a more chill place to chill, you can go to Tamsui by MRT, enjoy night market snacks in this old street. After that, go back to Taipei for accommodation. You are really complete in a single day & could be prepared for the next day trip no matter if you want to go south or north.

Then face north, go to Xinbei (New Taipei), there are many places around Xinbei (New Taipei) you should be.

Xinbei (New Taipei City)

But I must say that many attractions actually need to rent a car, or you have to transfer to a bus to get it. So I will list these several places that efficiently arrive.

I don’t think there is anything special in Keelung. At most, it’s the more popular Zhenbin port. Still, it’s a five-minute attraction unless you want to go to 228 Peace Island Park, Keelung Harbor, or Miaokou Night Market. Otherwise, nothing special in Keelung. It is recommended to go to Ruifang by train and go down to Jiufen Old Street. This is really a super tourist attraction. A bunch of Japanese and Korean tourists loves it.

When you come to Jiufen, you can also go to Jinguashi, by the way. Of course, you can also choose to go directly to the Remain of 13th Levels and the Yin and Yang Sea. However, the middle of the route suggests renting a car, or you will have to rely on the shuttle bus.

Do you want to hire a taxi guide (They drive taxis in yellow color)? It’s OK, the cost is about TWD 2000-3000, depending on whether you want to plan like this. If you are lazy to transfer, then the Jiufen Old Street is enough for you to play.


The focus of Yilan, I think, is watching the majority of Guishan Island. I recommend the Qingshui Geothermal Valley for other attractions. It is very suitable for cold weather or winter, and several hot springs in Jiaoxi. (One of the famous hot springs parks is Tomweigo)

Whether it is the Qingshui geothermal valley or the Jiaoxi, it is best to rent a car before going. Otherwise, only Jimmy’s Square in front of Yilan Railway Station will be left. Otherwise, keep moving to Luodong City for a stroll by train.


Hualien is a place where I really feel that I have to spend more time staying. There are so many attractions, and it is worthwhile to hire a car or motorbike. Highly recommended to spend at least two days and two nights in this row, which uses a whole day to tour Hualien.

For a day trip plan to Hualien, I have another article to show you how to plan it: Read more >> (Under construction). This article will show you 10 famous attractions in Hualien you should be.

When I come to Hualien, the most classic is Taroko National Park. Although still, in planning the train traveling around Taiwan, it is not suitable to go inside of Taroko. Unless you are traveling by self-driving, taking a photo at the East Entrance Arch Gate is worth taking.

After the day trip to Hualien, you can choose to go to Dongdaemun Night Market to eat and drink and move the next day after the end.


Taitung is also a place worth spending time in; there are many attractions. Taitung is a narrow and long terrain. Many attractions are along the coast, such as the Jialulan Coast, Fushan Fish Reserve, Taitung Haibin Park. If you have two people, then rent a scooter, four people will rent a car, anyway, this money is not to save, playing the most crucial point. The local itinerary planning method is the same as Hualien, but it takes at least three days. How do you say it?

You can go to Chishang in one day, rent a bicycle and then travel to Brown Boulevard. There is a beautiful place, the air is relatively fresh, and the whole green of the land. For a day trip plan to Chishang with 5 famous attractions, I also write an article on how to plan it: Read more >> (Under construction).

After traveling in Chishang, you will move to Taitung City. There is old Taitung Railway Station in Taitung City, a railway art village to visit, and many nearby foods.


Train trip for Kenting? Don’t make trouble, the train is impossible to go to Kenting! However, at least you can take a trip to the South Railway to see the colors of the sea in the Pacific Ocean and the Taiwan Strait. Still, I think the waters facing the Pacific Ocean are blue.


You can use the Kaohsiung MRT to get to Formosa Boulevard Station, Sizihwan, and Pier2 Art Center. The new Kaohsiung train station can directly see this huge heightening space after you get off the train, which is entirely different from the style of the old train station. As for what you want to eat, you can take a ferry to Qijin to eat seafood and later go to Liuhe Night Market to have some snacks.


The most important stop for traveling around Taiwan is to eat Tainan local snacks! Experience the most authentic food in Taiwan. Many foods are hidden in the alleys of the city. Still, there are so many restaurants, I will share them when I have the opportunity. As long as you come to Tainan City, there are many snacks on the two roads of Guohua Street and Haian Road. It is also a must for many tourists. So you don’t have to worry about going hungry.

Another place worth visiting is Anping Old Street, which preserves the buildings and castles of the Dutch period. You can go to Anping Old Fort and eat the food in Anping Old Street. Finally, go to Anping Tree House and go to the Garden Night Market to eat snacks at night. The Garden Night Market is one of the most famous night markets in Taiwan. You must come! So the enriched Tainan tour was completed. However, since these attractions are far from the Tainan Railway Station, it is a pity to walk. It is recommended to rent a motorcycle or U-Bike.


Initially, I didn’t have any particular feelings about Changhua. Until I found out that there was a Roundhouse attraction, I decided to include it in the travel list. Changhua Roundhouse is a relay station for train dispatching and has now become a tourist attraction. This attraction is also in the vicinity of Changhua Railway Station, as long as you can walk. On the way to the Roundhouse, you can stop by the Zhongchuan Color Village. Although the Color Village is a small attraction, there are also many 3D murals worth taking photos of. Whether you are taking a self-driving or train trip, you can stop at Changhua for a walking trip.


The top of Changhua is the most lively metropolitan area: Taichung City. Taichung has many attractions to go to, so you can arrange at least three days and two nights here.

When you get out of the train station, you can go to Yizhong Street. Still, it is best to go in the evening because this is the night market. Many snacks can be eaten, but if you just want to go to the night market, it is recommended to go to Fengjia Night Market.

Another attraction that belongs to the city center is the Civic Square, the Calligraphy Greenway, and the Qinmei (Park Lane by CMP). There are always many families walking here on holidays, walking dogs, taking children out, and many street art performances to enjoy. It’s one of the choices for Taichung people to go out for a holiday.

Fengjia Night Market is one of the most famous night markets in Taiwan. It often attracts many tourists. It is so famous because it is next to Fengjia University. It has an extensive distribution area and many booths. Therefore, if you want to go shopping, it is better to have someone squeeze. People’s psychological preparation, the level of excitement will not be lost to the Tainan Garden Night Market.

The last is the Gaomei Wetland. This attraction is definitely a must for the round-the-island travel attractions! There are mangrove forests, seeing many mudskippers, with the sunset scenery is more beautiful, and then going to Fengjia Night Market to eat snacks at night is just right, Taichung travel is completed.

Back to Taipei Now

Taipei City night sight

After Taichung, suggest north. This is a train tour in my experience, and I feel there is nothing to stop, like Miaoli, Hsinchu, and Taoyuan. There are also many attractions in these counties and cities, but I don’t think it is worthwhile. And the local car rental service is not so convenient, it is better to drive by car, so go back to Taipei directly! The eastern and southern parts of Taiwan are actually quite enough to play, and it’s almost time to go home.


The above is a list of the attractions of Taiwan’s train around the island. Even if you don’t live in Taipei today, you can go straight to the north if you live in the middle. However, suppose you live in the south. In that case, it is recommended to go east first because Taitung arrives faster for the southerners. The next step is to see how you can use the train schedule to plan your trip to Taiwan. Please use the menu on the right side of the site.

I had a good time on a train trip around Taiwan, what about you?