8 Benefits Worth Living in Taiwan

As a new immigrant in Taiwan, I want to tell you the benefits of living in Taiwan and why I chose Taiwan as the endpoint of my trip.

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Before I came to Taiwan, I had already met a few good Taiwanese friends on the Internet. When I was traveling in Taiwan, they took me to many fabulous places. We enjoyed lots of good food, beautiful scenery, and a safe place to live.

After my own experience of traveling around the world, I will use the following points to say why I think Taiwan is the most suitable place to live.

1. Taiwan is Really Safe

Taiwan Hsinchu City somewhere

Taiwan is much safer than other countries. The most significant difference between Taiwan and the United States is that you can’t see someone on the street with a gun. And point to you asking you to take the money to him, saying exaggeration. When you see someone holding a gun, you have to worry about the subsequent second dying.

But you don’t have to worry about encountering such a thing because I know that Taiwan is forbidden to carry firearms (and knives). Therefore, I would recommend you to stay in Taiwan.

2. Many Streets in Taiwan are Clean

Taiwan streets

When I was walking in the streets of the United States, I saw lots of rubbish. Then many people chewed the chewing gum and left it directly on the ground. It’s awful. Of course, not all streets are like this. You will always see trash. But in Taiwan, you see many more opportunities for debris on the roadside than in the United States.

Suppose you want to talk about the amount of trashes, in my travel experience. In that case, the streets of London and Australia (Especially Sydney) are filthy because I can see that half of the beverage cans are idle in the corner. Many cigarette butts and takeaway plastic boxes, what a really exaggerated sight!

But when I travel to Taiwan, I can’t see this situation. So Compared to it, I think most Taiwan streets are spotless, perfect!

3. Really Convenient to Have Food & Tasty

Taiwan food beef noodle

This point really varies a lot. In foreign countries, when you are hungry, it’s challenging to buy instant food. Because you have to drive to the nearest gas station store to buy a takeaway or the nearest supermarket. If you don’t buy food for next week, then you will starve whole! I was in California, driving to the nearest shopping mall for an hour to buy food; yea, it’s true for me.

But in Taiwan, you don’t need to drive; you can go to the nearest supermarket as long as you walk, many convenience stores. In addition, McDonald’s & KFC also many exceptional restaurants which sell food. So even though many restaurants I haven’t tried, it’s straightforward to get them by walk or motorcycle. So I must say it’s really convenient to have good food in Taiwan.

Taiwan also has very authentic food. I have eaten delicious meat sauce noodles, meatball soup, and dumplings like ZongZi. These are my favorite. I love Taiwan food after I came to Taiwan.

4. Easy Get Daily Necessities

Taiwan street

I just mentioned that I want to buy some food. In fact, I can go to the nearest supermarket like RT-Mart and Carrefour on walking. Even if I didn’t buy food for next week, lots of food shops near my residence.

They are all cooked foods hot touch, as long as you are willing to try, easy to get them, and whole tasty in my experience, no longer just fried chicken, pizza or chips every day.

Daily necessities are also elementary to buy. In addition to RT-Mart and Carrefour, and Watsons, I want to purchase a facial cleanser, toothpaste, shower gel, towels, etc. Buy from 7-11 convenience stores or Family-Mart. I just say that’s really convenient, shopping in Taiwan is just a piece of cake!

5. Easy Get Anywhere

Taiwan Railway

When I first came to Taiwan, I went to Taipei. The traffic in Taipei is always convenient. Not only the bus but also the clean MRT system. I bought an easy card and added values to take. The MRT system is almost the same, but the Taipei MRT is very clean and comfortable. No one is eating or drinking inside, so no trash you can see. I admire Taiwanese people for the maintenance of the MRT.

Perhaps Taiwan is an island to go anywhere without a long time, no matter Taipei or other places. The transportations are very convenient, even if I take a bus, it quickly reaches the place that I want. In addition to the bus, I have a U-Bike in the city center to take me anywhere, it’s really nice and saves me time.

When I went to Kaohsiung from Taipei, I had Taiwan Railway & Taiwan High-Speed Rail 2 choices. My God Taiwanese transportation system is really, really convenient, perfect!

6. Friendly & Enthusiastic Taiwanese

Taiwanese people young girl

When I was in Taiwan alone, I didn’t know any sights, no idea how to go somewhere. So I tried asking somebody for help, and they were enthusiastic guys to save me. Even if they don’t speak English, I can feel that heart. They’re willing to help me. They point to somewhere on the map & show how to go for me, that I can feel Taiwanese are very polite & kind.

Unlike in foreign countries, when you try to get close to people, they will look at me with confused eyes and even the expression “What do you want to do to me?” So it is making me feel really different.

When I lived in Taiwan, there were also many enthusiastic neighbors living around. They always say hello to me with a smile even no English, especially when they travel around Taiwan. And yes, I meet lots of enthusiastic friends just by contact with body language. What a cute scene that makes a deep impression on me.

7. Beautiful Attractions Around Taiwan

Taiwan Kenting South Bay

When it comes to Taiwan tourism, I really recommend Taiwan. Taiwan has lots of beautiful scenery worth visiting. In my experience, Taroko has impressed me! What a really spectacular & fantastic natural place!

There’s also a place called Qingshui, which is the excellent place I’ve seen, the cliffs, the sea is so blue mixed with aqua, stunning. Oh, also like the seaside of Kenting, which just like the beaches in foreign countries. So I can enjoy surfing and sunbathing, and not too far away. It takes only 2 hours to get there from Kaohsiung by bus.

When I traveled around Taiwan with a Taiwanese friend, I actually visited massive beautiful spots. Later, I will share more attractions worth visiting in Taiwan with my experience!

8. Live with Mountains & Sea

Taiwan Xinbei Jiufen Old Street

In fact, that’s really sensible to those of us who have lived abroad for a long time. Unless you live on a small island, there is usually nothing there. The materials are scarce, but Taiwan is different. Taiwan is small but rich. So we can buy enough food, buy any necessities conveniently, and it is easy to go to many places in a short time.

Living in Taiwan allows you to enjoy the sea and mountains simultaneously, especially when I stay in Hualien, which makes me feel deep feelings while seeing nature. An excellent living experience that has never been touched before.

You can imagine the sea in the morning when you open the window. You can see the mountain when you go out to the backyard. You can buy anything you need quickly. So Is there any place that is more convenient than Taiwan?


Of course, I still have many reasons to convince me to stay in Taiwan. Thank God for letting me own my current wife, Monica, to live in Taiwan permanently. Taiwan is a beautiful place worth visiting. My parents and friends have asked me what great things there are, I told them that they have decided to come to Taiwan after seeing my photos, so there will be follow-ups.

Next time I will introduce more about Taiwan’s attractions, trip planners, and some delicious food. Thank you for continuing to follow my blog! We keep it updated.