Best Season for Traveling Taiwan (12 Months Review)

Taiwan is an island country and is therefore very humid, but it is hot when it is sunny. Twelve months are listed below to let you know what you should pay attention to if you plan to travel to Taiwan.

I must say that not all months must completely meet the description below. I only judge the possible weather conditions in the month based on past experience. I am not a meteorologist, so please check the latest and detailed weather conditions before you schedule. Don’t blame me for coming back to the rain for not doing your homework.

Best Season for Taiwan Traveling

Taiwan somewhere landscape

The area of Taiwan’s main island will not be too large or too small. Therefore, you can easily travel around the island. For travel around Taiwan, I suggest that the best time is in October and November because the weather in these two months is not. It will be too hot, and it will not be frozen. However, most of the time, it is sunny, and it is very comfortable to bring a bit of calm wind at dusk, so it is worth it.

Jan – So Frozen

Most of the weather this month has made people feel super frozen, not just cold hands and feet; even if you walk outside, you can feel what is called the frozen world. People who have poor blood circulation just want to lie in bedsheets. In the middle of the night, dreaming of going to the toilet but can not get up, the degree of cold is probably like this.

Maybe climate change has caused the temperature in the world to rise, but it has also increased the temperature difference. So perhaps you are lucky to have fine weather but only a few days.

So it is almost impossible for Taiwan to travel around the island this month. The weather is too cold to adapt to the strong winds in Taiwan, but some people are still brave, don’t ride bikes or drive cars, and only travel by train.

Again, the temperature difference between day and night is huge, so you must keep warm.

Feb – Sunny but Freeze

Because of the Chinese Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival that followed this month, the temperature difference between day and night is vast most of the time this month. It belongs to the end of winter in Taiwan. You feel the cold is almost cold when you are.

Except at noon, there will still be sunlight on your head that will be at least slightly warmer. The weather pattern in February is similar to that in January. It is not recommended to ride a scooter around the island this month, but driving and trains are still feasible.

March – Almost Shower

It’s about the time after the Lantern Festival, it’s almost spring, but spring is the season of spring rain in Taiwan. So it’s raining nearly half of the month, maybe every day; maybe not so often, but you can quickly encounter this month in various wet and cold situations.

I used to take a foreign friend to visit Taiwan this month. Of course, it’s a pity that he couldn’t take the so-called blue-sky beauty, but at least the rainbow and the short blue after the rainy day he caught. Most of the time, I took him to visit many scenic spots in Hsinchu by scooter, and he enjoyed it a lot, but we still had to wear a raincoat to ride because of the shower.

April – Usually Shower

Spring is the rainy season for Taiwan. It happens from March to June. Basically, even in April, whenever it rains, it must be continuous for several days. Wet and cold, but not as brutal as winter.

As a reminder, be careful of a large number of mosquitoes after the rain. It is best to be mentally prepared to go out to play. There is Children’s Day this month, and children can travel for two days and one night, not enough time for round the island.

May – Will Hot but still Shower

In fact, the situation this month is similar to March and April. Still, the temperature has begun to pick up, and the spring is almost coming to an end, but the chance of rain is still relatively high. Therefore, it is best to check the weather before taking your mother to travel and have dinner on Mother’s Day.

Also, pay attention to the problem of temperature difference. There is a great chance that you will feel hot when you feel a bit burnt, and you will sweat easily.

June – Get Warm & Fire

There is less chance of rain starting this month. In addition, due to the upcoming summer vacation, the sun is almost rising to you from the morning. The temperature at noon starts to increase, and it is no longer cold at night, but it is only slightly chilly. It’s so hard.

Be aware that mosquitoes will bite at any time when you are outside, but if it rains, it may be almost all day, so pay attention to this.

July – Almost Fire

July is the beginning of the student’s summer vacation. The origin of this month is also a scorching weather pattern. The temperature difference is not so big, but it is hot weather every day. So you will easily sweat in this situation, and feel Fire, even want to run to the air-conditioned room.

It is not recommended to play outside at noon as much as possible. At the same time, pay attention to add more water and avoid heatstroke.

August – Fire & Typhoon

This month is also the stage of the summer vacation. Therefore, the weather conditions will be as hot as July. Occasionally, you need to pay attention to whether a typhoon will pass through Taiwan. Based on past experience, once a storm is available, it is almost impossible to arrange any activities.

The 8th of this month is also Chinese Father’s Day. Suppose the arrangement around the island is unsuccessful. In that case, you can also take your father out to play in the scenic area.

September – Really Fire & Typhoon

The summer vacation is over, but the weather is also very sultry. Basically, it is hot from morning tonight. So sleeping may take off to the state of only underwear. This is probably the feeling. Then also, pay attention to whether any typhoon will come in.

This month has the Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the three major festivals of Chinese culture and a day when many people will travel. So pay attention to the large crowds in many places.

October – Sunny & Cooling

Starting this month, it will not be so hot anymore. It will begin to have the chance to cool in the hot day and the evening. I think this is an excellent time to arrange a round-the-island tour. You can wear it more efficiently and relaxed, and enjoy a pleasant and incredible journey.

November – Warm Sunny but not Cooling

In addition to being cool, you should pay attention to the fact that it has become cold at night, and you need to wear long sleeves. This is because the temperature difference during the day and night will increase, but it is still hot during the day, and you can even feel stuffy. Also, pay attention to the presence of mosquitoes.

There is Thanksgiving this month, a day to enjoy a big meal, and you can arrange a gourmet itinerary.

December – Getting Cold even Freeze

It will be officially cold starting this month, and a thick coat is needed. The temperature difference will be significant; sometimes, it’s like spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Be sure to match it with an onion-style dressing. Many clothes and cold.

Christmas this month is also the most critical time before the end of the year. You can arrange a warmer shopping trip, but Christmas will not snow in Taiwan, except the mountains of Hehuanshan & Yushan. So you can’t see Santa Claus from The chimney falling down to give your child a present.

Which Month is Best for a Trip Around Taiwan?

I will choose to arrange an itinerary in September and October. Of course, suppose you have to adjust the time because of work and family relationships. In that case, July and August in the summer vacation is also a good choice. It’s okay to pass.

Is it better than being cold enough to be yourself? March is the most suitable time for me to arrange an island round because it is too easy to encounter rain. As for the Chinese New Year period, Taiwan is also cold, so I recommend traveling abroad!

In which months will you arrange a trip around Taiwan?