Stanley Mpho: My Life Experience from U.S. and Taiwan

I have visited many countries and went to many beautiful sights, famous historic buildings, local cultural experiences, etc. But, still, I have stayed in Taiwan for a long time. So today I’m going to share with you in this article why I made this decision.

Living in Taiwan is More Valuable than Travel Around the World!

Taiwan Hsinchu City somewhere

If you haven’t realized why I want to stay in Taiwan, these are the reasons why I think Taiwan is worth visiting. In addition, I’ve written another article you can Click Here.

I want to share that a more important part of traveling worldwide is why I decided to stay in Taiwan. For me, a critical decision in my life.

Now let’s talk about my life first.

About Me, Travel Life

Taiwan riding bike along coast

I’m about forty years old. When I was 8 years old, I followed my family from South Africa to the United States. My father & mother started working in the United States. Our whole family became US citizens and lived in California. I love America and love the people & everything.

After graduating from high school, I didn’t go to college because I was greedy. Later I fell in love with military weapons, so I went to the army to be soldier.

I retired from the army about 10 years later. I was 28. Worked in the coffee shop for 2 years because I liked the latte I made, especially that white milk shade cover. So yes, I like that kind of coffee.

I just stayed in the United States to continue living. Still, one day, I remember that after my 30-year-old birthday, I suddenly had an idea. I wanted to go out to the outside world to take a look, so I quit my coffee shop and set off.

I first played in many places in the United States. I visited many famous attractions like Yellowstone, New York, Washington, and the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Then there was another crazy idea for me, I decided to travel around the world!

What Countries Did I Visit?

city sight night

Talking about traveling around the world, I started with the United States and Canada first, then went south to Mexico, Chile, and Brazil. To Europe, Spain, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Russia. Finally, I went back to my hometown of South Africa. I haven’t seen my hometown for a long time, so I stayed in South Africa for three months before continuing. After that, going north to Egypt, Greece, Turkey, entering the Middle East like Dubai, and finally to Australia.

Australia is pretty good, I love it so much, but most of the life culture feels like the United States. Later I came to Asia; this’s the most impressive journey. I went to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, China, and Taiwan.

When I came to Taiwan, I found out that I liked Taiwan, so I started to stay in Taiwan.

What Happened & Stayed in Taiwan?

we are couple

Monica. We met when we were in the international community because she graduated from Tsinghua University (The university in Hsinchu City), and we met in this community. Then we began this relationship. When we entered the third year, we decided to get married.

We went to Japan and South Korea together during our relationship because she liked these two countries very much. Still, she said that she would rather live in Taiwan. I found that I fully agree with her ideas. We all like to travel. This’s one of the reasons.

Then the second reason is that I have never been exposed to Asian culture. Before I came to Taiwan, I went to several Asian countries, including China, and each had different cultures. I felt perfect. But when I came to Taiwan, Taiwan is very special. The people here are amiable. I don’t need to worry about being robbed and stealing. This’s how I compare in other countries. Taiwan is safe.

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Thank You & Thanks for Everything!

we are couple

Indeed I’m living with my wife in Taiwan now. Sometimes we go to the United States & South Africa, we have a wonderful marriage life; I love my wife. Besides thanking my wife, I have also met many good friends from Taiwan. So I will introduce them one by one.

Sherry, William, Dennis, John, I must thank you for helping me stay & live in Taiwan. Lovely thanks, God & everything in Taiwan; God bless you guys!

Author: Stanley Junior Mpho