Win Lottery by Your Invoices!! Living in Taiwan Hacks

Don’t throw away these invoices from your hands!! Because it’s your lottery for the next big money!

This is a very crazy culture that only happens in Taiwan! People always collect and save their invoices for each purchase. Then, they will come up with the lotto numbers published by the government after about two months. If the numbers match, they can win the bonus!

So Let’s Talk About Taiwan Invoice Lottery

In 1950, the Taiwanese government thought of making a receipt, not just a receipt but a lottery ticket.

If you have ever spent consumption in Taiwan, you should have seen both of these things. However, the famous product unique to Taiwan is the unified invoice. There are two models, the long one is the old one, and the short one is the new one. Generally, we call it an invoice.

The basic information of the merchant on the invoice. As well as the quantity and amount of the product you purchased, this also helped many Taiwanese couples successfully catch the other half of the affair. I still don’t understand why someone put the invoice to open the room in the motel as evidence in their purse. It was foolish. I gave it directly to the counter lady, LOL.

Ok, it’s a joke. Now, collect these invoices every time you purchase at anywhere any store.

Taiwan Invoice is the Lottery for You!

Now, here’s the lottery rule. There is a series of two English and eight numbers on the invoice, and the point is the numbers. The Ministry of Finance (MOF) will publicize the winning numbers on the 25th, once every two months. So, in other words, you have a total of six chances to win prizes a year.

And they have 4 plans for you:

  • One group of 8 digits (Extra Special Numbers)
  • One group of 8 digits (Special Numbers)
  • Three groups of 8 digits (Standards Numbers)
  • Bonus one group of 3 digits (sometimes two or three groups)

When the day is 25th, you check these invoices collected in the last two months. For example, your collected invoices purchased in May and June, then the MOF will publish the latest groups of numbers on 25th July.

How Much the Rewards Prizes I Can Win?

The awarding prizes depend on how many numbers on each invoice, same with winning numbers.

The Extra Special Numbers is only one group, and you must match all 8 numbers to win. If you are lucky to win all 8 digits for Special Numbers, you got the BIG reward! The highest prize is NT$10,000,000 (USD 350k)!!

About the Special Numbers, if you win all 8 digits, you got the highest awarding prize is NT2,000,000 (USD 70k)!

About the Standards Numbers, if you win all 8 digits, you got the highest awarding prize is NT200,000 (USD 7k)!

About the Bonus Group, it’s just 3 numbers; just check the last three numbers on each invoice. If you match the Bonus Group, you got NT200 (USD 6).

Then, check the numbers on each invoice, depending on how many numbers same as the winning numbers of Standards Numbers, and you will win:

  • 8 digits same = NT200,000
  • 7 digits same = NT40,000
  • 6 digits same = NT10,000
  • 5 digits same = NT4,000
  • 4 digits same = NT1,000
  • 3 digits same = NT200

Seems like you still have a chance to win the 3 digits on each invoice, right?

So it reminds you to keep all these invoices you purchased, don’t throw them away!

If you win an invoice 5 digits NT4,000 and three invoices 3 digits NT200, you earn a total of NT5,000!! In other words, if you can collect much more invoices, it might be a big chance to win the NT10,000,000!! But, indeed, it just a “chance,” nothing guarantees.

Taiwanese People Willing Donate Their Invoices

So you will find that in the donation box, people donate loose change, and people often donate invoices. The government will announce which shops in which county, city, and shop-bought how much money has been spent to remind consumers to redeem the prize. For example, someone once went to the convenience store to make a photocopy and only spent two dollars to win the special dividend of NT$10 million. Although the chances of winning such a big prize are meager, it is actually relatively easy to happen if you win two hundred dollars.

Never Tell Anybody If You Win The Big

Just like me, who are incredibly ridiculous, once earned NT$10,000 by this and hide myself all year round. This approach is equivalent to indirectly turning the people into a tax monitor. Because every consumer feels that they can rely on an invoice, they will almost request the store to issue an invoice. If the store doesn’t provide invoices, then the store will be fined. Unless the store has an agreement with MOF for “none-invoice-provide” because they have fewer revenues each month.

About Invoice Tax in Taiwan

And suppose the merchant’s amount is not valid, for example. In that case, if you buy a hundred but the invoice prints ten dollars, you can go to report the merchant, they will receive a fine, and you will receive a reported bonus. So over time, the country has become accustomed to this mode of operation, and consumers have become accustomed to using invoices as a lottery fantasy mode.

Here I would like to remind you that not every store in Taiwan must be invoiced. In some places, the government allows you to open it. For example, your monthly average turnover is less than 200,000 Taiwan dollars. Industry, hospital, education unit, public institution, financial industry, or insurance industry.

However, not having to issue a unified invoice does not mean that there is no need to pay taxes. It just becomes a fixed business tax charged to the merchant. This must involve the location, the size of the store, and the nature of the merchandise sold, etc. I won’t talk about it here.