You Need EASY CARD for Traveling Taiwan! Here’s Why

EASY CARD is a very convenient and fast payment tool in Taiwan. As long as you come to Taiwan for tourism, you must buy this “card.”

Especially if you need to take a bus and MRT in Taiwan, you can use this easy card to clear customs quickly, so I require all foreign friends to purchase this pass card and store points from cash.


Taiwan easycard

Taiwan is more inclined to use the plastic currency for billing, such as easy cards. If you don’t want to bring so much cash with you, and the trip happens to be arranged in the urban area, it is recommended that you choose to buy an easy card and store the value inside.

You can use it at convenience store-specific store parking fees, buses, trains, and MRTs, but if you take a taxi, remember to ask for an easy card paid first. Although the easy card is easy to use, there are still a few points to pay special attention to:

The upper limit of the stored amount is NT$10,000. Third, the maximum amount for a single transaction is NT$1,000, and the total amount for a single day is NT$3,000. Fourth, if you want to return the card, you can only produce a maximum of NT$3,000. Fifth, if a passenger who does not have a residence permit is lost, he cannot report the loss, and he cannot return the money. This is particularly important.

I personally suggest that the amount of money you need to use every day is just fine. After all, the card is designed to be used for a small fee, not to let you buy expensive items.