Best 34 Attractions in Taipei Worth Traveling Taiwan

Traveling to Taipei city is absolutely convenient because there are many attractions covered by the MRT station system. However, that doesn’t take a long time to walk to, so in this article, I will share the attractions list of Taipei City and let you quickly make a city trip.

Maybe you have done these places before, but some attractions will surprise you. Also, my friends told me that some places they have been to feel good, update your plan, and go for them!

Zhongzheng District

North Gate

In my impression, if the mayor of Taipei is not Ke Wenzhe and removes the Zhongxiaoqiao approach, I still don’t know that there is a historic site in Taipei.

Later, I learned that the early Taipei city was also a brick city with a history of brick walls.

This time, I have the opportunity to see the complete North Gate. The monuments are perfectly preserved and represent the origin of all the things in Taipei. This is only the Taipei Railway Station and Ximending, so as long as the Taipei MRT station is out, you can walk a short distance.

Around the North Gate, you can also see several decades-old buildings, even the early department stores, and theaters. In short, I feel as if I have returned to the old Taipei in the 1980s.

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President Hall Plaza

Traditional Japanese-style building, nearest to MRT Ximen Station, Far East Department Store Baoqing Store. There are so many exhibition halls in places with high historical, political, and social significance. But this place you can only view this building from a distance, ordinary people cannot enter.

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Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Landmark location, the park is large, the building has characteristics, rich in ecology, there is also an indoor performance hall and exhibition space. This place often sees many students practicing dancing and many pigeons, which is a place to relax and take a walk on holidays.

Inside the memorial hall is a majestic statue of Chiang Kai-shek, guarded by gendarmerie on both sides. Just outside the memorial hall, there is a huge doorway, which says “Liberty Square.”

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Huashan 1914 Cultural and Creative Park

Many merchants settle in the cultural hub of the old winery and local art, film, and craft exhibitions and events. Good places for cultural life in Taipei. Here are cinemas, restaurants, exhibition spaces, artistic and creative shops, coffee shops, and bars. Perfect for a walk here on holidays.

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National Taiwan Museum

The National Taiwan Museum-Taipei Land Bank Exhibition Hall, formerly the Old Land Bank, is now transformed into a Natural History Museum. Several important dinosaur fossils, dinosaur eggs, 3D dinosaur paintings, etc. Top-rated, fun parent-child attraction in Taipei. After all, dinosaurs, such giant ancient creatures, will always arouse everyone’s infinite imagination.

My sister also likes the idea of reactivating and reusing such monuments, which is very suitable for bringing children to play. You can also arrange it with the nearby Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the Presidential Palace, and other tourist landmarks in Taipei!

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Zhongshan District

Meiti Riverside Park

The environment is good, it is suitable for the whole family to rest and exercise, picnic and bike, play a ball, and have a vast space to relax and good mood. Many families come here to set up tents to rest, there are ample parking spaces, and the grass is of good quality but not dense. You can see the plane taking off and landing at a short distance. It is a pity that you cannot fly a kite.

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Dajia Riverside Park

Widefield activity place, convenient parking, wide field of vision, suitable for parent-child outdoor activities, cycling, kite flying, jogging, children’s bunkers, grass fields, toilets, vending machines, football fields, bicycle rental stations, There are many slides and other facilities.

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Jiannan Night Sight

Temporary uprising, walk to see the night view, about 40 minutes from Jiannan Road MRT Station to the night view. The road will not be difficult to find. Still, a section of road in the middle is terrifying without street lights; it is recommended to ride a motorcycle.

There is no particular plan for the night view; you can see the takeoff and landing of the Miramar Ferris Wheel. Taipei 101 Building and Songshan Airport. It can stay for about 5-10 minutes. So it’s not wrong to see the night scene, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you don’t have to go far. It’s just that there are a lot of mosquitoes, so you need to be prepared.

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Datong District

Dihua Street

Here’s a message from a Taiwanese about this attraction, and it made me interested:

Dihua Street, which is known throughout Taiwan for its New Year’s goods, is generally the section of Dihua Street south of the Taipei Bridge. In terms of spatial location, Dihua Street is part of Dadaocheng (now Datong District).

The earliest shops appeared on Dihua Street in the six years of Qingfeng (1851). Two years later, the Tongan people in Quanzhou in the Qiang area built shops in Dihua Street, forming a “middle street.”

In the period of Japanese rule, South and North groceries and tea were the leading players. After that, the rice industry, cloth, and traditional Chinese medicine gradually took their place. Since then, it has evolved from time to time, and the street view and the appearance of the house have significantly changed. The complex and straightforward elaborate decoration of the southern Fujian-style shops has gradually evolved into today’s style.

After the restoration, Dihua Street continued to be a concentrated place for north-south goods, traditional Chinese medicine, and cloth wholesalers. It is still the largest wholesale and retail market among these three industries. It is the most complete and historic old street in Taipei. Dihua Street is the earliest market in Dadaocheng and the core of the Dadaocheng commercial district from the end of the Qing Dynasty to the present day. It has always maintained its old style and active commercial activities.

Walking into Dihua Street is like walking into the historical promenade. Many businesses have the Baroque decorative architecture of the “Tasho Period.” Since the end of the Qing Dynasty, few people did not know that this is the wholesale and distribution center of Taiwan’s north-south goods, tea, Chinese medicine, and cloth. Dihua Street did outline the initial appearance of Taiwan’s commercial development history.

The Dihua Street shophouse is a long strip-shaped store with a small facade and a long and deep body to take into account both commercial and residential functions. It is a typical appearance of a commercial street in Taiwan in the Qing Dynasty.

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Ningxia Night Market

Visiting the night market in Taipei is also a critical point. This “Ningxia Night Market” with a lot of food is delicious and easy to see. From the crowds of shopping people, you can know its popularity. The Korean cheese fried chicken, flamed dice beef, taro-wrapped taro, lemon ayu, and ring-side fried oysters that I ate from the entrance. Many of the stalls are full of long queues. You can feel it. The infinite charm of food at the “Ningxia Night Market.”

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Wanhua District

Lungshan Temple + Monga Night Market + Huaxi Street

This is the most dynamic life night market in Taipei. Although the scale is not the largest, the old Taipei food on the alley is ancient and early. For life products, vertical to the Guangzhou Tourist Night Market, there is also Huaxi Street and Longshan Temple. It is very nostalgic to enjoy the intense atmosphere of the previous generation from the people who are nearby. You can spend a long time traveling through time and space. The relationship will be full of nutrients. There are stalls in each store. You can usually find surprises without hesitation. In short, here is a reflection Interested in the ancient taste of Taiwan!

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Bopiliao Historical Block

This “Bopiliao Historical Block” is the only remaining old street in the downtown area of Taipei in the Qing Dynasty. The entire Bopiliao settlement was formed in the early Qing Dynasty. After the Japanese rule and the Republic of China period, it has a history of more than two hundred years and is maintained in the area. The street style of the Qing Dynasty and the architecture house of the Japanese colonial era are pretty distinctive. Bopiliao delicacies around you, as well as the exhibition of the Bopiliao historical district. In addition, Longshan Temple, Huaxi Street Night Market, Mengjia Night Market, and other nearby Taipei. It is an excellent place to visit Taipei.

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When you come to Taipei, the most popular place to visit is also suitable for young people, of course, Ximending! For more than a decade, Ximending has been a place where many young people gather. The store here is a fusion of many Japanese and Korean-style clothing stores and boutiques. In the early days, many Taiwanese artists flocked to the scene in this program. Many animation exhibitions, toy exhibitions, and video game exhibitions from Japan have become one of the places that many young people must come.

Now in Ximending, the design is very Japanese. When you walk on this street, you will think that you are in the Shinjuku place in Japan and feel that you keep up with the widespread feeling. In addition, every holiday in Ximending must be full of young people. If you want to eat here, I am afraid you have to wait in line, exceptionally the more affordable the restaurant.

In my impression, I have eaten a very cheap Sally Asian cuisine. It has opened several rooms in the Taipei area. The price is meager, and the price is about half more affordable than the restaurant you have eaten outside. A halving of the cost means that the young people can afford it. This time, of course, it took about half an hour to get in, and it was always worthwhile to queue up for it. But I must say that these meals are not very tasty, but the ingredients are fresh and not sour.

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Ximen Red House

As soon as you come to Ximending, Exit 2 is coming out. This is the most famous small square in front of you.

What is the most special about Ximending? There are always various events in this place, where you can meet some famous artists or YouTubers. At the end of 2018, I remember that Taipei’s Mayor Ke Wen Je’s re-election political meeting was also held. I was also at the scene, and he looked very kind.

Red House is Taipei city’s most popular attraction, attracting many tourists to visit, just near Ximending.

After asking the locals, I realized that the Ximen Red House was a cinema in the early days. The building has been preserved to this day. The interior has been renovated and looks very beautiful.

Ximen Red House is also a place worthy of tourists. In addition to its own historical buildings, there are also many historical materials about Ximen Red House and surrounding goods. You can enjoy a cup of coffee here, another memorable weekend day trip experience.

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Shintomicho Cultural Market

Shintomicho Cultural Market is a scenic spot full of culture and youth in Taipei. Walking into the antique stone-washed horseshoe-shaped main building makes people feel like returning to the atmosphere of the old times. The Hexing Eighty-Eight Pavilion built by the former administrator’s dormitory is also a big one. The highlight, the super-beautiful Japanese style, has become a popular Taipei IG check-in attraction.

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Da’an District

Shida Night Market

Because it is close to Taiwan University, there are many students in this area. There are many restaurants and shops, and there are too many delicious restaurants worthy of your excavation. There are also many clothing stores, which are very suitable for girls to shop here. I have eaten here delicious lamb skewers, angelica chicken legs, crispy salted chicken, and there are more to say.

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Songshan District

Raohe Night Market

Raohe Night Market is a long and lively night market offering street food, shops, and carnival games. There are many kinds of cuisines, cheap and good quality, and convenient transportation can be reached by train and bus. The riverside leisure park is also lovely, right by the canal next to Raohe Night Market. At night, it will full of beautiful scenery worth be.

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Xinyi District

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

A multi-purpose building built in 1972 to commemorate Sun Yat-sen and provide cultural education courses. The expansive square and Cuihu Trail are good places to take a walk. There are often exhibitions of paintings and calligraphy in the museum, as well as coffee! This is an excellent place to walk the dog and take children here, but there are not many parking spaces in the parking lot. So the best transportation method is to take the MRT.

You can watch the guard’s handover ceremony of the gendarmerie here. The scene is solemn, so just only watch the ceremony beside and can not approach them.

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Taipei 101 Observation Deck

Taipei 101 is the tallest skyscraper in Taiwan. When you enter from the ground floor, you will come to this high-end department store, selling many high-end boutiques, but the price is high. In addition to the commercial office upstairs, there are also the most elevated observation deck and restaurant bar. You can reach the 88th floor directly through the fastest high-speed elevator in the world.

Through this observation deck, you can overlook the entire Taipei city. Four directions from north to south, all at a glance. There is an open-air viewing balcony on the 91st floor, but it is very high, dangerous, and windy. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the Taipei 101 observation deck is definitely worth coming up with!

By the way, the night view during the day and night are very unique. You can view the night view during the day or at night, but it is not cheap to take this elevator. I will write another review article to reveal this part of the information.

Taipei 101 Department Store

101 Department Store is a department store that sells products and services to high-end brands after the Breeze Plaza. I think it is also the most expensive exhibition center in Taiwan. Of course, I walk into it. All the high-end brands you know, LV, GUCCI, DIOR, Burberry, etc., are all here. There are many well-known high-end brands in Europe and America. When I came, it felt like no one would spend it, but as long as you saw someone picking up the bill in it, it might be a rich man.

I think it is extraordinary because it is a building that combines high-end department stores with commercial office functions. Some of the department stores are up to the fifth floor, then go down to the second floor of the basement and the breeze food street that extends. The overall decoration is very high-grade, the color is exquisite, the minimalist style. The European style of art is spread all over the corner, so it is very comfortable to walk around. Even if you are not very rich, you have to improve your style when you come here.

I have seen many couples here, one of whom is a boy wearing a casual blazer. The female is an extended version of the ocean with high-heeled shoes, carrying a coach bag. The overall texture is very advanced, and indeed the Taipei people’s dress is not the same.

Most of the tourists who come here will buy brand names, but most of them come to the 101 viewing platform because they have to go up to the 101 viewing platform. So only when you first enter this department store, cross several high-end brand counters, and come to the high-rise hall on the fifth floor will you see the feeling of being in New York.

The escalator went up and officially entered the entrance of the 101 observation deck.

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Breeze Nanshan

When Breeze Square entered for the first time, it felt pretty advanced. The decoration part was, of course, the gorgeous style of Europe and America. The counter brand inside is, of course, high-end. But, looking at it, most of the brands are more expensive. So if you don’t want to buy special items, just take a look and see.

There is 101 department store nearby, and the Shinko Mitsukoshi Xinyi business district can go for a walk.

By the way, it is directly opposite the famous W Hotel. If you want to experience nightlife in Taipei, there is ATT 4 Fun nearby; you can stay overnight when you are tired at night.

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Taipei Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place

For many young people, in addition to visiting Ximending in Taipei, Xinguang Sanyue Business Circle in Xinyi District is one of the most popular business districts in Taipei. Of course, consumption is not cheap. If you don’t go to 101 department stores, You can visit Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. There are often many activities to participate in this place, various types of brand exhibitions, fairs, etc. In short, holidays can come here.

The Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi business district is exceptional. It is not just a single department store. It is connected by several bridges, so you can spend almost all afternoon in this business district, after lunch, afternoon shopping, evening. Have dinner here. For the weekend, this is one of the places for the whole family to relax, if you don’t want to run too far.

The traffic here is also very convenient. Because there are more cars on the road, it is not recommended to drive. Instead, it suggests taking the MRT. The Taipei City Government Station or 101 stops to start shopping.

It is also close to the Taipei City Government, so there is also a Taipei bus transfer station and a unified Hankyu department store. Which are very convenient to visit and the transportation is very convenient.

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Songyan Cultural and Creative Area

Once a tobacco factory warehouse, it is transformed into an exhibition space and shop for local artists and designers. There is ample space, with shopping malls, restaurants, Eslite bookstores and antique buildings (cafes), and an ecological pool outdoors. You can see many cultural and creative exhibitions here, especially the graduation exhibition of the design department.

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Sisi Nan Cun South Village

If Sisi Nan Cun South Village near Taipei 101 near Taipei City is a cultural and creative attraction in Taipei that is very popular with tourists from home and abroad. The simple market in Sisi Nancun, which is limited on weekends and holidays, and the second-hand market is even more attractive.

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Xiangshan is one of the most worthwhile attractions in Taipei and an excellent place for hiking in the suburbs. When you stand on the vantage point, you can see the most famous landmark, Taipei 101 Building, which has excellent views. It is the best place for many photography enthusiasts to shoot night scenes and New Year’s fireworks.

It is more beautiful to walk on the Nangang Mountain Trail. You can even see the plane landing at Songshan Airport, a great sightseeing spot. However, if you want to come to this place, you must have good physical strength. The trail is very steep.

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Wenshan District

Taipei Zoo

Excellent place animals education for kids. A great combination of leisure and education, complete facilities, large park can be reached by MRT and Maokong Gondola. There is also transportation available in this zoo, a good place for parents, children, and friends to visit and study on weekdays. Tickets are very cheap, and there are many exhibitions, especially the insect & penguin museums.

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Maokong Gondola

The Maokong Gondola is a unique cable car system. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taipei without losing to Genting in Malaysia. You can take the mountain from the station next to the Taipei Zoo. On the top, you can go to the teahouse to make tea and eat. Don’t eat snacks next to the cable car station, which is dirty and not tasty food from my friend’s experience.

Zinan Palace

A large 19th-century Taoist temple on the mountainside with spectacular stairs, statues, and religious artifacts. It can be reached by Maokong Gondola and enjoy the scenery of Taipei city.

Area of Maokong

I’m most impressed by Maokong Lubinghua (A flower), but there is a long way to go. In addition, there are teas to taste.

Lubinghua is a flower that will only bloom in January, so if you take a memorable trip. You need to arrange other walking tours like Bank Falls (in New Taipei City). Otherwise, come here to taste the local tea, which is full of characteristics.

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Shilin District

National Palace Museum

The endless crowd of museums has the world’s most extensive collection of Chinese art and cultural relics. The group is rich. There are star tickets, live performances on weekend nights, many souvenirs, convenient shuttle buses, historical significance, and artistic value of cultural relics. Still, there are too many unqualified tourists, and some groups are occupying public space. So pay attention to tourists when you come here.

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Taipei Children’s Amusement Park

Taipei Children’s Amusement Park is a top-rated attraction for parents and children in Taipei. Tickets are super cheap at only US$1, and various facilities are charged $1-$3. If you want to play, you can pay more flexibility, and you can also pay by card for the whole journey. Or buy a super discount one-day ticket to Taipei Children’s New Park online. The 13 main facilities are all-you-can-play, which is a great value.

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Taipei Astronomical Museum

The Taipei Municipal Astronomical Education and Science Museum (called: Taipei Planetarium) is also too fun. Winter vacations and children travel to Taipei. Among them, the Taipei Astronomical Education and Science Museum is a parent-child attraction that our whole family loves. Various interactive game experiences are like remote detection. Robots, space station construction, shooting of upcoming meteorites, tornadoes, etc., are fun and novel. The nine planets and nebula walls are also perfect for taking pictures. Now you can take the latest interstellar space capsule, which is a super recommended Taipei. Parent-child attractions.

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National Taiwan Science Education Center

The National Taiwan Science Education Center (Shilin Science and Education Center) in Shilin is the most fun indoor parent-child attraction in Taipei! It contains permanent exhibitions of natural sciences at 3~6 F. If you like excitement, don’t miss the experience of the aerial bikes passing through the 6F hall. The whole family will have no problem staying all day long. It is even more crazy to play with the nearby Astronomical Science Museum and Taipei Children’s New Park.

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Shi Lin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is a combination of several streets and an underground market. Many stalls and shops, and it’s also a must-go place for tourists. You can go to the underground road, and they sell the most traditional Taiwanese food like snacks, cakes, biscuits, etc. Still, many stalls sell the same thing, and you need to find booths with many people line up to avoid landmines.

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Beitou District

Yangmingshan National Park

It is a scenic spot with hot springs and walking trails, and it is also the largest dormant volcano in Taiwan. And there are many attractions on this mountain worth visiting, list these:

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Beitou is a super popular tourist attraction in Taipei. Just take the MRT, and you can come to Beitou for a day trip. You can easily find many exciting attractions in Beitou, such as Beitou Library, Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Beitou Park Outdoor Hot Springs, Beitou Geothermal Valley… and so on. It’s ok to plan for couples to have a soup to eat food and parent-child travel. There is also good food in Beitou Market. Finally, I will find a comfortable Beitou hot spring house to soak in the soup. , Or staying at Beitou Hot Spring Hotel is the perfect light trip to Beitou Hot Spring!


“Tamsui Old Street” is a well-known hot spot in Taiwan and attracts many tourists. Here there are lively shops on both sides of the street. In addition, there are decadent pastries and grocery stores, as well as trendy clothing and toys. Then, of course, there are the most popular and famous foods such as “Aggie” and fish balls. Also, “Hong-mao-cheng” can be visited if you come.

If I get better attractions about Taipei City, I will update here at any time!